About the Great Wall Forum

The Great Wall Forum was founded in 2007 as a vBulletin forum. By 2021 we had 2000 members and 20,000 posts. By then it had become a useful resource with much valuable information, thanks to the generous efforts of our many contributors. It had been hacked and rebuilt about five times when the Webmaster decided to convert it to a static site, which is what you see today.

The forum was the result of the combination of fulfilling a need and creating the opportunity to learn some things. Over time I had found very little quality, English-language Great Wall information on the Internet. For many years, I was too busy to do anything about it, but a plan was evolving in my mind. Then in 2007 I had the free time and also wanted to learn some Internet development technologies including vBulletin, PHP, and SQL, so I established the forum and started inviting members.

I think it's important to state that there was no financial motivation and therefore this site has absolutely no advertising.

I got much more out of this forum than I ever envisioned. Most importantly, I have made many friends. I have learned a lot more about the Great Wall. And also, thanks to a few key members, I have been able to participate in producing the world's best Great Wall maps.

The Webmaster is slowly converting all the information from the database to html, concentrating on the most important information first. There's much more to go so expect to see "Under construction" signs for a while longer.