Great Wall Experts


Dong Yaohui is one of China's foremost experts on the Great Wall. Dong Yaohui with Wu Deyu and Zhang Yuanhua set off from Shanhaiguan in 1984 and over 508 days exploring the wall and its many branches, eventually reaching Jiayuguan in 1985. He is currently the president of the China Great Wall Society.

Dong Yaohui

Cheng Dalin is an accomplished photographer and another of China's experts on the Great Wall.

Cheng Dalin

Sun Zhenyuan is a Great Wall ranger at Dongjiakou in eastern Hebei Province. He is an advocate for Great Wall conservation and protection.

Sun Zhenyuan

Luo Zewen is an author and another of China's experts on the Great Wall

Hong Feng is the leading Great Wall researcher at Peking University. He also spends a lot of time hiking and exploring the Great Wall.


David Spindler is a highly respected Great Wall researcher and an avid Great Wall hiker.

David Spindler

Julia Lovell is a scholar, translator, and author who has written books about China and the Great Wall.

Julia Lovell

Michael Yamashita is a photographer for National Geographic Magazine and a Great Wall photographer and author.

Michael Yamashita

William Lindesay was one of the first foreigners to walk the Great Wall and write about it (After Dr. William Edgar Geil) and since then he has relocated to the Beijing area and become a staunch advocate of Great Wall conservation and protection. He has written several books about the Great Wall.

Will Lindesay

Arthur Waldron is an American historian with a special interest in China and the Great Wall.

Arthur Waldron

Andreas Lehmann is is an expert in all things related to the Great Wall. He has walked and explored the entire Ming Dynasty Great Wall from Jiayuguan to Shanhaiguan as well as parts of the Great Wall from several other dynasties. Andreas has spent many years researching and studying the Great Wall and is extremely enthusiastic about discussing and learning more.

Andreas Lehmann at Zhuizishan, Liaoning