Hiking from Qinglongqiao to Badaling

Hike the Great Wall from Qinglongqiao to Badaling. This is a relatively short and easy hike along a closed section of the Great Wall that's partially restored. The hike begins at the Qinglongqiao Railway Station.

Here's where we'll be walking today.
Qinglongqiao railway station is at the lower right.
The platform where we will join the wall is at the left.

Looking up from the bottom, we see we can't climb directly up to the wall.
We will go around to the left (west).

Here's where the trail joins the wall

Here's the entrance

Looking down from the first platform, the wall slopes steeper and steeper

Getting lower down

Even at the lowest part, we're still up pretty high.

This is the lowest that I dared to go. Compare this position with the first photo on this page.

The usual self-portrait. I'm wearing a jacket. November must be getting close.

Turning back towards the north now, we're looking up from the platform where we joined the wall.

Looking further up

Fancy shooting holes

Looking back across towards Shuiguan

Heading towards Badaling

The large tower to the left is the end of the Badaling Great Wall

Another view towards Shuiguan

This hike offers many excellent views of Badaling. This is the way to enjoy the amazing Badaling Great Wall!

An entrance ...

... which is sealed to keep people out

This is the tower that defines the end of Badaling. There are probably throngs of people on the other side!

Inside the tower.