Jinshanling Great Wall Hotel

Jinshanling Hotels
Chinese: 金山宾馆
Pinyin: Jīn shān bīng guǎn
English: Jinshan hotel
Coordinates: 40°41'4.31"N 117°14'12.34"E.
Telephone: 86-10-8402-4628

Jinshanling has three different hotel complexes all in the same area. I have stayed at all three of them. As you enter the Jinshanling Great Wall, they are beyond the parking area, on the right side of the road, just past the restaurant and before you reach the ticket gate.

Main entrance to hotels

Entrance to apartment suites

First are the standard rooms with courtyards. This is the least expensive room and I can’t say it was exactly clean or special in any way. These rooms are located at 40°41'5"N 117°14'14"E.

Outside a standard room with courtyard

Second are the apartment suites. These rooms are much nicer than the standard rooms. They are located at 40°41'2"N 117°14'10"E.

Apartment suite outside

Apartment suite inside

Apartment suite inside

Third are the rooms in the quadrangle, which have a central courtyard. These are the most expensive rooms. These were built most recently and they are very clean and comfortable. The location is 40°41'4"N 117°14'12"E.

The reception area in the quadrangle


Inside of room


All of these hotel complexes are shown on out Jinshanling map.

The Jinshanling hotel accepts foreign guests but they do not have English-speaking staff.