Simatai Great Wall Hotel

There are three hotels at Simatai. The original one is at 40°39'15"N 117°16'17"E. The second one is located at 40°39'13"N 117°16'20"E. This is the only hotel that I have used at Simatai. This hotel was previously called Lonely Planet Hotel but now seems to be called the Simatai Great Wall Hotel. This is the hotel that is closest to the Great Wall and, importantly, the only one that is inside of the ticket gate. I have stayed here on three separate occasions. The most recent time I stayed here, in 2008, the rooms were about ¥200 RMB per night. The staff at this hotel is extremely friendly.

The telephone number for this hotel is 6903-5159.

There is a restaurant adjoining the hotel. The restaurant has good food and good service for reasonable prices.

There is a guest house at 40°39'43"N 117°16'42"E. It has a website you can visit at

The newest hotel is located at 40°39'12"N 117°16'15"E.

This is the outside of the hotel as you approach it from the main gate.

This is the hotel entrance.

I stayed in room 103 in 2004.

This is me in the courtyard. Above me, behind the morning fog, is the Simatai Ridge.

In 2005 I stayed in room 112.

This is the inside of room 112.

This is the view outside the restaurant window.

In 2008 I stayed in room 110.

This is the inside of room 110.

This is the inside of room 110.

Simatai Great Wall Hotel