Zhao Sanbu Hostel Xizhazi Jiankou Great Wall

Location: 40°27'53.38"N 116°30'42.27"E

I stayed here in 2008 and again in 2010 and was totally satisfied. The rooms are good, the food is excellent, the dogs are great, and the people are very friendly, honest, and likeable, and the prices are fair. I hope to return to Xizhazi some day, and when I do, I will surely stay here again.

Mr. Zhao himself, a very funny and friendly guy

The rooms at the hostel are named after places on the Jiankou Great Wall.

Xidalou and Jiuyanlou

Tianti, Yingfeidaoyang, and Beijingjie
Above the roof you can see the real Yingfeidaoyang

Jiangjunshouguan, Chabiangou, and Zhengbeilou
I stayed in the Zhengbeilou room
Above the Zhengbeilou room you can see the real Zhengbeilou

Each room features excellent photos of the Jiankou Great Wall. Here are a few examples.

Jiankou Zhao Sanbu

Jiankou Zhao Sanbu

Jiankou Zhao Sanbu