Changping District

Chinese: 昌平区
Pinyin: Chāngpíng Qū

The Great Wall in Changping is divided into these locations:

A prominent valley to the northwest of Beijing runs through Changping District and Yanqing County. This valley is protected by many fortifications. This was one of the easily attacked routes to Beijing and so the Great Wall is built extensively in the valley. The Badaling Expressway starts at Deshengmen City Gate on Beijing's third ring road on the north side and leads through the valley to Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province.

Changping is also home to the Ming Dynasty Tombs.

Changping has an area of 1,430 square kilometers (552 square miles) and a population of about three-quarters of a million people.

Map of Great Wall locations in Changping District and Yanqing County