Chinese: 撞道口
Pinyin: Zhuàng dào kǒu
English: Hitting the road pass
Coordinates: 40°24'52"N 116°19'37"E

Just to the west of Huanghuacheng, and marking the western end of the restored span of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall, is Zhuangdaokou. This small village is a great example of a typical Chinese pass town.

Zhuangdaokou Great Wall

Walking west from Huanghuacheng, the wall goes up over a mountain and then back down. Once you reach the low point, you will notice that there is a path that runs in a north-south orientation. This ancient path leads right under the wall via an archway built into the wall. To the right (north), this path leads to Erdaoguan. To the left, it leads to Zhuangdaokou. It's only about a ten minute walk to Zhuangdaokou. The village has some old and very deteriorated barracks structures and some guest houses.

Descent towards Zhuangdaokou pass

Much of the construction in Zhuangdaokou was made using materials removed from the Great Wall before it was rebuilt. Look around and see how many walls you can identify as being composed of Great Wall bricks. Also look for a fortress on a side trail on your left as you approach the village from the Great Wall.

Walking along the Great Wall from Huanghuacheng, you can choose to exit the wall north to Erdaoguan or south to Zhuangdaokou, or you can choose to continue west along the Yaoziyu Great Wall towards Xishuiyu.

Side walls in excellent original condition, newly built walking surface

Location summary: Zhuangdaokou is about 56 kilometers (36 miles) north of downtown Beijing. It is about 1.1 kilometers (0.7 miles) west of Huanghuacheng and about 1.2 kilometers (0.7 miles) east of Yaoziyu. The path of the Great Wall from Zhuangdaokou to Yaoziyu is about 1.4 kilometers (0.9 miles).

Driving directions: From the Huairou urban area, take S308 road west for about 3.3 kilometers (2 miles) to Chawu. Turn right to stay on S308 and drive 4.2 kilometers (2.6 miles) to Qizhuangcun. Turn left to stay on S308 and drive for 17.6 kilometers (10.9 miles). S308 turns left but you will continue straight onto S213. Drive north for 6.2 kilometers (3.85 miles) to Huanghuazhen. Turn left towards 353, drive for about 550 meters (1800 feet), and then turn right onto 353 Road. Drive for about 750 meters (2460 feet) and turn right to Zhuangdaokou village.

Great Wall at Zhuangdaokou