Hongshanbao Museum

Some photos from the Hongshanbao Great Wall Museum. Unfortunately, there's little English in the museum aside from captions on some artifacts.

Information about the underground tunnels underneath Hongshanbao.

Ming dynasty weapons (I'm taking the authenticity of these and the helmet with a grain of salt because, y'know, China)

Booby trap, I'm assuming it's a recreation of the original spikes though. You walk on the rope to cross.

Interesting about the Tatar and Wala tribes trying to invade.

Pics and information about Ningxia's Great Walls.

Caption says: Ornament on Roof Ridge (Unearthed from Hongshan Castle)

More information about Ningxia's Great Walls

I like that picture on the left about Guyuan's Great Wall gate. All gone now as far as I know.

Drip tiles

Inside the fort. Those buildings make up the Great Wall Museum.

Someone in a Shuidonggou thread was talking about skeletons. Well, here's the information about them: