Great Wall Souvenirs

Your photos are the best souvenirs to commemorate your walk on the Great Wall. They're uniquely yours, and they show things as you saw them.

Another good souvenir from any trip is the GPS track record of where you went, and when. You can later trace your exact routes on a map or satellite image to recall for yourself or to show others exactly where you have been.

But for many people, that's not enough. Purchased souvenirs are great memorabilia for oneself, and they make great gifts as well. There are many different types of Great Wall souvenirs. There are also many Great Wall branded products that are completely unrelated to the Great Wall. We will discuss popular souvenirs that are related to the Great Wall in form and function rather than just in name.

Great Wall souvenirs can be bought at the Great Wall, of course. But they can also be bought from stores, sidewalk vendors, and even at airports and train stations. It's best to get your souvenirs at the Great Wall. You can find a bigger selection, you can negotiate a better price, and you will remember buying your Great Wall merchandise at the Great Wall. You can buy items from souvenir stands or from individuals. Since all transactions are on a cash basis, it's simply a matter of finding an item that you like for a price that you're willing to pay.


The most popular Great Wall souvenirs are clothing items. Shirts are the most common. Great Wall shirts can be broken down into short- and long-sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts. They feature drawings, paintings, or photos of the Great Wall, sometimes along with text messages in Chinese and/or English. The most common Great Wall shirts say “I Climbed the Great Wall”. But in fact, there is a tremendous variety of shirts in a wide array of colors and with many different and beautiful graphics. They vary in quality as well, so don't buy the first ones you see.

Apparel for sale at the Badaling Great Wall

Another popular apparel item is the hat. Baseball caps that say “Great Wall” in English or Chinese are not only common but useful as well if you don't have a better hat with which to protect yourself from the sun. Also available, especially in the wintertime, are Great Wall ski caps, which you will really appreciate once you get up on a windy ridge in below-freezing weather.

When buying apparel in China, remember that sizing is different from other countries. Specifically, you will likely need a larger size than you normally would buy. It's best to try items for size before you buy to ensure you get a satisfactory fit.


Second in popularity only to apparel, books are excellent Great Wall souvenirs both for personal retention and as gifts.

Some books are primarily photo books while others have more information. Select photo books for gifts, and get books with more substance for yourself. Some photo books detail specific areas of the Great Wall, while others illustrate a variety of areas. Remember, books are heavy, so it's best to get them at the end of your trip so you won't have to carry them very long.

Souvenir books and postcards for sale at Juyongguan


Postcards are another popular Great Wall souvenir. Many different sizes and styles are available, and again, some focus on specific locations while others are more general. Unfortunately, the postal service in China isn't as reliable as one would hope. One year I prepared ten postcards for my family and friends, which I stamped and mailed at a post office. Not a single one reached its destination. In spite of this, service is usually good.

Other Great Wall souvenirs

Many other types of Great Wall souvenirs are available. Among them are medallions that state “I climbed the Great Wall” and are engraved with the date. You can also find refrigerator magnets, calendars, playing cards, cups, plates, paintings, posters, ash trays, DVDs, VCDs, ornaments, and more. If you want a Great Wall souvenir, you're sure to find something you like.

Specific Great Wall merchandise / souvenirs

I consider the best Great Wall souvenirs to be photographs. I also enjoy collecting Great Wall books, which are shown here.

However, over the years I have been unable to resist collecting other types of Great Wall merchandise and souvenirs. Here are some of them.

There are many "Great Wall" brand products available, from cars to medicines to software. But the subject here is merchandise that is actually about the Great Wall rather than just using the fame of its name and image.

Great Wall Calendars

I have several years of Great Wall calendars but these were the only ones I could find.

Great Wall Playing cards

Great Wall Postcards

The first seven are individual Great Wall post cards and the rest are Great Wall post card sets.

A very old and rare postcard showing Badaling before it was restored.

Another very old postcard showing Badaling before it was restored.

Another very old postcard showing Badaling before it was restored.

Great Wall shirts


Great Wall baseball caps come in many colors. Here are a few of them.

Great Wall Miscellaneous Souvenirs

A Great Wall Beer sign
Not really a Great Wall souvenir but I like it anyway

Refrigerator magnet

Refrigerator magnet

I climbed the Great Wall medallion

Beijing Olympics pin

Great Wall plate
Makes food taste better!

Great Wall plate