Great Wall Videos

Qinglongxia 40°27'7.24"N 116°41'15.39"E

Shentangyu 40°25'26"N 116°37'46"E

Niujiaobian 40°27'14"N 116°32'39"E

Zhengbeilou 40°27'14"N 116°32'10"E

Jiankou 40°27'19"N 116°31'31"E

Jiuyanlou 40°28'54"N 116°30'8"E

Xiangshuihu 40°27'34"N 116°27'13"E

Xishuiyu 40°24'36"N 116°18'24"E

Gubeikou 40°40'58"N 117°9'25"E

Wohushan 40°41'41.5"N 117°8'59"E

Panlongshan 40°41'42"N 117°9'57"E

Jinshanling (add some Simatai) 40°40'36"N 117°13'56"E

Shuiguan 40°20'14"N 116°1'54"E

Badaling 40°21'16.2"N 116°0'23.25"E

Jiayuguan fort 39°48'5.00"N 98°12'58.00"E

Jiayuguan wall 39°50'57"N 98°10'47"E

Dunhuang 40°21'13"N 93°51'51"E


Shiguanxia 39°50'56"N 98°10'46"E

Xuanbi 39°51'16"N 98°10'9"E

Mutianyu 40°26'17"N 116°33'43"E

Jiankou Yingfeidaoyang panorama

Jiankou Climbing

Circle Vision Theater at Badaling

It wasn't easy to get this video. Every show was crowded and due to the way the theater is filled, it's not easy to get near the center. Because the movie is constantly changing, by the time you have turned all the way around, the continuity is usually lost, so timing was tricky. In addition, I had to turn 360 degrees while trying to steadily hold the camera over everyone else's head without a tripod, and thus this video is somewhat shaky. The theater and the presentation are both very interesting, and I recommend attending this theater to anyone who visits the Badaling Great Wall. While the movie showed many different locations along the Great Wall, this clip just happens to show Badaling. The background music in this video is from the Great Wall of China album by Tangerine Dream.

Zhengbeilou Great Wall

Jiuyanlou Great Wall video

This video shows a professional, experienced guide crossing the Sky Bridge and descending the Heavenly Ladder.
We do notrecommend or endorse taking risks, and you are responsible for your own safety when visiting the Great Wall!