Day trips to the Great Wall

A day hike is defined as traveling to the Great Wall in the morning, walking during the day, and returning to your hotel or residence in the evening. You can do a single day hike from Beijing, or you can stay in a hotel near the Great Wall and do several day hikes while spending each night in your hotel. Day hikes can be out-and-back walks, where you walk a certain distance and then return to your starting point. This is probably the most common kind of day hike. They can also be round trips, where you walk a big circle and return to your starting point. There are a few places where this can be done entirely on the Great Wall, but usually part of your walking will not be on the Great Wall but on roads or through back country. Day hikes can also be from point A to point B, where these points are sufficiently close together to enable you to walk the distance in one day.

Suggested locations for day trips and short hikes