Hiking the Great Wall

Hiking the Great Wall


Here are details on planning short, medium, and long hikes on the Great Wall.

Why would anyone want to walk the Great Wall of China?

Like many things, the Great Wall has a strong attraction to many different people for many different reasons. The more one knows about it, the more interesting it becomes.

Many people become highly interested in the Great Wall before they have ever even seen it. Just a few minutes studying photographs and reading descriptions can make people want to experience it for themselves. This is important because the scale and impact of the Great Wall is hard to imagine until you see it for yourself.

But many other people see the Great Wall in a casual visit during a trip to China without giving it a lot of thought. Once they see it, however, they are struck by its massive proportions, and then they develop a keen interest in seeing and learning more.

Either way, there are many people who want to spend time on the Great Wall, exploring and photographing this awesome masterpiece of construction. After all, the main goal is to have fun. It is hoped that this book will be helpful in planning and executing unforgettable experiences on, and appreciation for, the Great Wall of China.


Everyone has heard of The Great Wall of China. Many people want to see it for themselves and find out what it's really like. However, planning and executing a trip to China and the Great Wall can be intimidating. And because the Great Wall is not easy to access, a walk on the Great Wall is a further complication.

This book will provide the information you need in order to be able to explore the Great Wall of China to your heart's content. You are sure to be well-rewarded for the effort you expend in reaching and experiencing the Great Wall. Whether you travel to China primarily for the purpose of hiking on the Great Wall, or you just want to take a walk on the Great Wall because you are already in China, the experience is sure to be memorable.

Walking the Great Wall

At first it may seem like a strange concept to walk along an ancient defense structure, but there are several good reasons why many people are attracted to hike the Great Wall. Walking the Great Wall combines an essential activity with an unparalleled location.

After all of the planning, preparation, and traveling are done, you will finally find yourself actually walking on the Great Wall and putting your plans into action. All of the effort and research you have done are now going to pay off. It's nice to have a pretty good idea of what's to come during your adventure, and it's exciting to finally make your plans become reality and to see for your own eyes, in three dimensions, what you've been looking at for so long in maps, photos, and satellite images.


If you want to really know the Great Wall, think of all the walls from different building periods and in different locations in China. Think about how in each case, the builders incorporated certain features into their defense systems, and how certain locations typify these features. Try to visit as many of these different walls as possible, seeing a wide variety of representative Great Wall sites. Do not limit yourself to the Ming Dynasty Great Wall or to a certain area. This fuller picture will give you insight into thousands of years of Chinese history. Seeing the variety of walls that we're talking about takes dedication. First, you have to do a lot of research to figure out exactly where you're going, how you're going to get there, and how you're going to get back. Then you have to do a lot of traveling within China to reach many widely-dispersed locations within a huge country. But this also gives you an opportunity to observe the wide variety of lifestyles in China. Immersion in the Great Wall is also immersion into China.


Walking is an activity with a number of benefits to the body and the mind. The Great Wall is an amazing structure, located in areas of natural beauty and variety. The combination is highly compelling. Walking the Great Wall is an experience that impresses on many levels and provides lasting memories.

Seeing the older walls rather than the restored locations is a good idea.

Any trip to China would be enhanced by time spent walking the Great Wall, which deserves one full day as an absolute minimum.

Anyone looking for adventure travel should seriously consider a Great Wall exploration trip.

The Great Wall has fortifications dating from many different periods and using a wide variety of design principles and construction techniques. All of them are fascinating in their own right as well as when considered as a whole.

When you walk the Great Wall, give back at the same time. Contribute to Great Wall protection and preservation in your own way so that the same experience can be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations.

Hiking the Great Wall is an experience that everyone can and should enjoy at least once in life. Don't miss out.