Chinese: 西五眼楼
Xinyin: xī wǔ yǎn lóu
English: West five-eyed tower
Coordinates: 40°40'40.52"N 117°13'44.65"E

The Jinshanling Great Wall has at its western edge a tower known as Xiwuyanlou, the West Five-Eyed (five-windowed) Tower. More than any other location around, the views (and photography opportunities) are outstanding from this tower.

Xiwuyanlou has five windows when viewed from the side. When viewed from the wall as you approach, you only see the narrow end, which has one door and one window.

West Five-Eye Tower

View of Jinshanling and Simatai from West Five-Eye Tower

Xiwuyanlou from the Panlongshan Great Wall to the west

Xiwuyanlou also marks the end of Jinshanling and the beginning of the Gubeikou Great Wall when walking in a westbound direction.