Miyun County

Chinese: 密云县
Pinyin: Mìyún Xiàn

The Great Wall in Miyun is divided into these locations:

The areas of Miyun County through which the Great Wall is routed are quite mountainous, with the notable exception of the Gubeikou area to the northeast of Beijing. Due to its relatively gentle topography, this area was frequently attacked and was heavily fortified. The Great Wall locations in the Gubeikou area are, as a result, very interesting.

The Great Wall in Miyun is generally further from the city of Beijing than other parts of the Great Wall in Huairou and Yanqing. This makes them more time-consuming to visit from Beijing, but often less crowded as well.

Miyun County has an area of 2,227 square kilometers (860 square miles). Miyun has a population of about half a million.

Map of selected Great Wall locations in Miyun County