<>Chinese: 茶道村
Pinyin: Chádào cūn
English: Tea ceremony village
Coordinates: 40°21'44.60"N 115°59'31.40"E (east gate)
Coordinates: 40°21'49.93"N 115°59'13.69"E< (west gate)
Coordinates: 40°21'47.36"N 115°59'34.54"E (northeast tower)

Badaling Chadaocun / Chadao gu cheng / Chadao village / Chadao ancient town

This is the area to stay if you want to spend several days exploring the Great Wall in the Badaling area.

Guest house (40°21'50.20"N 115°59'10.92"E) had heated floors, excellent food, and very friendly owners

Great Wall Courtyard

If you go up behind this village and head northeast you can reach Xiaozhangjiakou in a few hours.