Chinese: 城子岭
Pinyin: Chéng zì lǐng
English: Cheng zi ridge
Coordinates: 40°16'6"N 118°33'52"E

This is in Qianxi, about 43 kilometers away from the bus station. I paid a taxi driver 80 kuai to get there, as there is no public transport that goes to Chengziling village directly (the nearest village that has buses to-and-from Qianxi would be Taipingzhai 太平寨, roughly 4 or 5 kilometers from Chengziling).

Sorry guys, I went here last week the day after visiting Lengkou, so no GPS! Next time.

Getting up here was such a pain, as there was no clear path. Tons of thorns and prickly bushes.

A secondary wall?

This was a mess. The bricks look new, perhaps it was poorly renovated.

The next watch tower is much better.

This looks more daunting than it really is. In fact, there's a path you can walk on once you've climbed up a little.

One last uphill stretch.

This is on the peak.

You can make out a secondary wall if you look close.

So, this is what the inside of the Wall looks like.

A sign from 2009 on the ground simply calling it Ming Dynasty Great Wall.

The Wall continues on, and I didn't. Here's a zoomed in picture of it on the other mountain.

Walking on the road back to the village and I can still see a part of the Wall I didn't climb.

Chengziling Great Wall was really fun, especially the part where it appears to be a dead end only to climb over it and see it continuing. The thorns ripped up my pants, though.