Chinese: 洪山口
Pinyin: Hóng shān kǒu
English: Flood mountain pass
Coordinates: 40°20'59"N 118°5'16"E

This section of the Wall is in Zunhua, about 40 kilometers away from the bus station. Minibuses leave from the bus station and arrive in Hongshankou village (close to the Great Wall) for 9 kuai; instead, I lucked out and took a taxi for 50 kuai one-way but perhaps 60 or 70 kuai is more common.

Originally, I came here for the Great Wall Hunting Grounds (长城狩猎场), a tourist attraction with a gun range. As it turns out, the government took away the guns (perhaps rightfully so, with the Great Wall right behind the shooting range...wouldn't be surprised if someone got shoot before). What's left to do is climb the Great Wall (free of charge), which was good enough for me.

This guard tower is not connected to the Wall.

100% original Ming dynasty tower.

Finally going up.

This is the guard tower from my first photo.

The reason for the fence is most likely to block animals from escaping from the Great Wall Hunting Grounds.

Here's a view of the Great Wall Hunting Grounds.
You can clearly see the shooting range and wonder
why would they put it right where people behind it might be climbing the Great Wall.

Up on the peak.

Looking back where I climbed down. Lots of squirrels and newts around there, always nice to see wildlife.

Just enjoying Spring breathing life back into the land.

Back in Hongshankou village.