Chinese: 罗文峪
Pinyin: Luó wén yù
English: Luo language valley
Coordinates: 40°16'54"N 117°56'53"E

Luowenyu is in Zunhua, and very convenient to get to. Only 9 kilometers from the bus station, you can just wave for bus number 1 (there are no bus stops for bus 1) and take it to the end station and arrive there in fifteen minutes.

There are, as far as I can tell, three sections I can see – this wall is cut through by roads at least twice. I only walked up the middle section between the roads.

You can see how close the end/beginning station for bus 1 is to the Wall, as well as the road cutting through the Wall.

The Wall really blends in with the environment in winter.

If you zoom in, you can see the Wall winding through the mountains. That's the section separated by the highway.

The highway separates the Wall here.

You can see how farming has destroyed so much of the Wall.

Intersection of stone and brick walls