Chinese: 神威楼
Pinyin: Shén wēi lóu
English: Invincible might tower
Coordinates: 40°12'14.74"N 118°43'3.13"E

Among the many towers in the eastern part of Hebei, Shenweilou is without doubt one of the most unique, beautiful and interesting of them all. Shenweilou was completed in 1593.

Shenweilou tower:

Shenweilou tower:

Shenweilou tower:

Stone tablet above the door:

Missing stone tablet close to the tower:

Decoration of the tower:

Notice the unusual door:

Interior of the tower:

Screen wall with missing stone tablet opposite the tower:

Shenweilou with the eastern part of Baiyangyu Great Wall in the background:


Additional introduction of Shenweilou

One of Kim's photos as picture 1 below, there are two square holes under both side of arrow hole on sidewall of Shenweilou, they were called Leishikou(Chinese: 雷石口, English:The hole for dropping the thunder stone), besides Leishicao(Chinese: 雷石槽; English:The beveled groove for dropping the thunder stone) was carved beneath Leishikou. The thunder stone is a weapon made by round or rectangular stone filled with powder as picture 2&3.

Detail of the Shenweilou tower.

This is the inscription at Shenweilou:

The text is (some of the characters are traditional and later changed):

Right: 游击将军张世忠题: Guerrilla warfare General Zhang Shizhong

Left: 万历丙申仲夏吉立: Established in midsummer, bingshen year of Wanli

Bingshen is the 33rd year of the 60 year cycle.

Wanli was the emperor between 1572 and 1620. 2016 is the next bingshen year, so during Wanli's rule 1596 was the bingshen year (2016 - 7x60). At this time Qi Jiguang was already dead (1588).

Does anyone know who Zhang Shizhong (张世忠) was?