Chinese: 丹东
Pinyin: Dān dōng
English: Eastern dan
Coordinates: 40°7'N 124°23'E

Chinese: 虎山
Pinyin: Hǔ shān
English: Tiger mountain
Coordinates: 40°13'18"N 124°30'55"E

The Hushan Great Wall near the city of Dandong is the easternmost Great Wall location in China.

A span of 2.1 kilometers (1.3 miles) was rebuilt in 2002. It was built as a tourist attraction with little regard for authenticity and therefore bears little resemblance to its original design and construction.

Location summary: Dandong is about 693 kilometers (431 miles) east of downtown Beijing as the crow flies, assuming a crow could fly over the Bohai Sea.

Driving directions: From downtown Dandong, take the S319 Provincial Road towards the north. After about 18 kilometers (11 miles), the entrance to the Hushan Great Wall will be on your right.