Liaoning Province

Chinese: 辽宁
Chinese: 遼寧
Pinyin: Liáoníng

The Liaoning Great Wall is divided into these locations:

Liaoning Province, located in northeast China, has an area of 145,900 square kilometers (56,300 square miles). Its population is about 45 million. Liaoning is mountainous in the east and hilly in the west. Liaoning has a continental monsoon climate, and rainfall averages to about 440 to 1130 millimeters (17 to 44.5 inches) annually. Summer is rainy while the other seasons are dry.

There is not a lot of Great Wall remaining in Liaoning. Along a line from Zhuizishan at the Hebei border to Hushan on the Korean border, only in the south near Hebei do longer spans of the Great Wall remain. In other areas, there are only small fragments.

Liaoning area Great Wall map

Liaoning area Great Wall map

Liaoning Chang Cheng at Sui zhong:

Liaoning Ming Chang Cheng at Ben xi:

Liaoning at Shenyang Ming Chang cheng:

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