Chinese: 锥子山
Pinyin: Zhuī zǐ shān
English: Pyramid-shaped mountain
Coordinates: 40°12'20.67"N 119°44'15.90"E

Zhuizishan is the location where the wall branches off of the main Great Wall line in a generally northeastward direction into Liaoning Province towards Korea. The main line of the Great Wall heads south towards Shanhaiguan and west towards Beijing and beyond. It's this major junction that makes Zhuizishan an important Great Wall location.

Zhuizishan from Hebei Province
Photo by Kim Siefert

The junction between these walls is not clear to see because the three segments meet at a large rock, so they do not actually contact each other but all dead end into the face of the rock. You can bypass this rock on its south side. If you're thru-hiking the Great Wall and you reach this point, you must take the correct path, which is the westbound branch; it would be a shame to end up in Korea if you're only trying to reach Shanhaiguan!

Zhuizishan from Liaoning Province
Photo by Kim Siefert

Location summary: Zhuizishan is about 287 kilometers (178 miles) east of downtown Beijing. It is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Jiumenkou. The area is easily reached by taking the road to Miaochengzi. However, climbing to and upon the Great Wall here is challenging because the terrain is very rugged, and the fact that few hikers visit here means there are not well definded paths through the mountains and the vegetation on the Great Wall can be very dense. The path of the Great Wall from Jiumenkou to Zhuizishan is about 12.5 kilometers (7.84 miles).

Driving directions: From Shanhaiguan, drive northeast on the G102 National Road for 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Turn left and drive for 18.7 kilometers (11.6 miles) on Zhijiu Line. At Beishimencun, bear left and continue driving 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) to Zhuishangou.

A few photos from a hike with Kim and chinoook between Xiaohekou and Zuizishan.

Starting at Xiaohekou in the morning and hiking east towards Zuizishan.

The Great Wall of Xiaohekou. Behind that the wall of Gaoloushan, Xiaomaoshan and Damaoshan.

Most of the wall here is a stone wall and only a few sections is made of brick.

One of the Wuliantai (五连台) - Five serial towers.

A few more of the impressive Wuliantai towers.

It is not the easiest hike one can choose in Hebei and at some places it is necessary to follow a narrow path to get around a difficult section, but on a clear day it is hard to find it much better.

Wuliantai towers.

Zuizishan in the background.

Getting closer to Zuizishan.

Looking back towards Xiaohekou.

Easy to see why we spend most of the day on the hike - this is not an easy walk in the park.

Zuizishan - in the upper right side of the photo the wall continues south towards Shanhaiguan and Laolongtou.

At Zuizishan the wall split in three. One section continues west towards Beijing, one continues a few kilometers into Liaoning Province and the last part continues south towards the sea. Notice the ocean in the background.

Close to Zuizishan the wall change from stone to a brick wall.

Part of the Zuizishan brick wall.

The wall continues south towards the sea.

The eastern side of Zuizishan.

After reaching the eastern side of Zuizishan we followed the road back to the car at Xiaohekou.